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Breakthrough T1D™ Walk: A Global Movement

Breakthrough T1D Walk is the world's largest event for the T1D community, uniting thousands annually. Since it’s inception, the program has raised more than $1 billion for T1D research. It's more than a walk; it's a community rallying to enhance lives and pursue cures. Companies with a nationwide presence are perfect candidates to start a Breakthrough T1D Walk National Team, opening new possibilities for those living with T1D.

Uniting for a Cause

National Teams allow companies with a broad U.S. presence to support T1D research both locally and nationally, fostering company-wide pride and connecting colleagues across different locations. Joining as a National Team demonstrates your commitment to community impact.

Promoting Health & Wellness

National Team participants have the opportunity to set and achieve fitness goals, tracking progress through fitness apps or devices, like Strava. National Team partners can set fitness goals and track their team’s progress, seamlessly tying into a health and wellness program.

Team Support & Strategy

As a National Team, you will receive dedicated support from local Breakthrough T1D staff as well as a National Partner to help set team goals, develop fundraising strategies, and track progress, ensuring a unified effort across all company locations.

Benefits Beyond Giving

Participation as a National Team offers significant benefits: enhancing employee morale, creating lasting memories, and boosting your brand's philanthropic profile. Interested in forming a National Walk Team? Contact Clara Clark at for more details.

Thank You to Our National Teams

Our National Teams are pivotal in making a difference and embodying the spirit of community and commitment to a T1D-free future.





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