Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is type 1 diabetes (T1D)?

T1D is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks pancreatic cells, preventing sufficient insulin production. This can lead to dangerously high or low blood sugar levels, requiring constant management. Breakthrough T1D™ Walk is committed to changing this reality by driving research and advocacy efforts.

Where is my nearest local Breakthrough T1D Chapter?

Breakthrough T1D chapters are spread nationwide. Use our chapter finder or call 888-533-9255 to locate the one nearest you.

Registration Questions

Is there a registration fee?

Breakthrough T1D Walk is free to join, but fundraising is encouraged. The average participant raises over $400 supporting research to help cure T1D.

Do I need to register ahead of time?

Yes. Register online to access fundraising tools and receive important event updates.

How do I register my family?

Walkers over the age of 16 must register individually. For children under 16, add them during your registration to link them to your account. Look for the "Register My Child" button on the last step of your registration.

If I participated in the past, how do I get my login information?

Retrieve your login information here if you've forgotten it.

Can I participate in Breakthrough T1D Walk if I'm not on a team?

Yes! You can walk and fundraise on your own, but joining or forming a team can enhance the experience.

How can I join or create a team?

You can start your own team or join an existing one during registration.

What is the role of the team captain?

Team captains lead their team's fundraising efforts and serve as the primary contact for Breakthrough T1D Walk communications. Their role is to encourage and lead their team to make the most significant impact possible for those affected by T1D.

Fundraising Questions

Is there a fundraising minimum?

There is no minimum, but we encourage all participants to fundraise. The average team raises $2,300. Every dollar truly makes a difference.

How are donations made?

Donations can be made by cash, check (payable to Breakthrough T1D), or online. Every person who registers will receive a personal fundraising page where individuals can donate toward their fundraising efforts online.

Do you accept employer-matching donations?

Yes! Maximize your impact through employer matching programs. Check with your HR department or search our matching gift database.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to Breakthrough T1D are tax-deductible.

Is there a Breakthrough T1D Walk App?

Yes! The NEW Breakthrough T1D Walk app, for both iPhone and Android, has everything you need and more. Ask for donations via social media, email and text, manage your page, earn badges, and even deposit checks!

How do I get the mobile app?

You can download the app directly from your Participant Center (when visiting it on your mobile device) or through the App Store or Google Play. Search for "Breakthrough T1D Walk."

How do I get a Breakthrough T1D Walk t-shirt and other fundraising rewards?

Participants who raise $100 or more receive a Breakthrough T1D Walk t-shirt. Additional fundraising rewards are available based on your total funds raised!

What is V1P?

V1P status is exclusively awarded to our top 5% of fundraisers who individually raise $1,000 or more. To celebrate your dedication to raising money for T1D research, you‘ll receive special V1P recognition on walk day!

Can I fundraise after my Breakthrough T1D Walk event is over?

Yes! You can continue fundraising up to four weeks after the event. Late donations are accepted but may not qualify for rewards.

Walk Day Questions

Is a Breakthrough T1D Walk happening near me?

We're thrilled to unite as a community for in-person Breakthrough T1D Walk events! Check to see if there is a Breakthrough T1D Walk happening near you! If there's no walk nearby, contact to discover your nearest event and how you can make an impact.

Can my team create their own team t-shirts?

Yes! Customize your team shirts through our partnership with Bonfire and receive a $25 donation to your team. Plus, proceeds from your t-shirt order will credited to your team’s fundraising goal.

Other Ways to Fundraise

What is a Breakthrough T1D Community Walk and how is it different from a Breakthrough T1D Walk?

The Community Walk program was created for those who do not have a Breakthrough T1D Walk nearby, giving them the opportunity to create their own walk and bring their community together.

I don't have a Breakthrough T1D Walk in my area. How can I start a Breakthrough T1D Community Walk?

For details on organizing a Breakthrough T1D Community Walk, fill out this interest form or email with your questions.

I want to fundraise for Breakthrough T1D but do not want to walk. Are there other options?

Yes! Explore the many ways to support Breakthrough T1D beyond walking by visiting our fundraising page. From marathons and rides to school events and celebrations, the options are endless. No matter how you fundraise, we appreciate your dedication to helping fund cures for T1D.

Find a Breakthrough T1D Walk Near You

Raise more for T1D research with the Breakthrough T1D Walk App.

Fundraising is easier than ever with our NEW mobile app. Share your story and connect with more donors through text, email and social media. Deposit checks and monitor your fundraising progress on the go! You’ll reach your goal in no time!

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