Get Active... Push the limits... Reach your goal... Your Way

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Athletic Events

Think about crossing the finish line at your favorite athletic challenge or how amazing it feels to achieve a personal goal. Then, use your dedication to inspire your friends and family to donate to your fundraiser. Do what inspires you most — whether that's running, walking, riding, you name it!

Start a Fundraiser

Individual and Team Events

You can raise money on your own or make it a team event. For example, run your first 5K and ask your friends, family and co—workers to support you with donations. Or, start a team for your favorite triathlon and motivate each other to push your bodies—and your fundraising—to the limit!

Still not sure what you'd like to do? Check out some great examples of other fundraisers...

Running in Leadville for Our Sweet Daughter

Brian and Kara ran to support Breakthrough T1D in honor of their daughter Hailey who has T1D.

Paddle for a Cure

Chris created a fundraiser for Breakthrough T1D in honor of two of his siblings and his son Luke, who all live with T1D.

Yoga to Support T1D Research

Geeta held a yoga fundraiser for Breakthrough T1D to help find a cure for all the children and adults affected.

We'll support you every step of the way

You'll have a dashboard to monitor your fundraising progress and access to many helpful resources and tips. You'll also have a fundraising page that you can personalize to share your story.

Need more ideas?

Browse through our fundraising idea library!

Start a Fundraiser

Why Choose Breakthrough T1D Your Way?

You really can change lives

Living with T1D is a constant balancing act that results in a lot of stress, worry and sleepless nights. The money you raise helps Breakthrough T1D ease the burden of the disease, until it is no longer a threat.

Our tools make fundraising easy

You'll have access to fundraising tools like a custom fundraising page, a private dashboard to monitor your progress, sample messages to ask for support and other downloadable resources.

There's no registration fee!

Creating a fundraiser is 100% free! Although there is no minimum fundraising requirement, setting a goal for your campaign motivates others to donate to help you reach it.

Raise money on your schedule

No specific time commitment is required. You decide when and how to spend your time—whether it's personalizing your web page, sending emails to friends and family, or planning your fundraising activity.

Not what you are looking for? Join one of Breakthrough T1D's featured endurance events

Join Breakthrough T1D riders or runners at one of our six Breakthrough T1D Ride events or a Breakthrough T1D Run event. When you register, you'll become a part of a community who return year after year to take on a physical challenge and motivate each other—all while raising money for T1D research.

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