Fundraising Tips for Kids

Here are the rules:

  1. Before you get started, ask a parent for help!
  2. Never go door to door by yourself!
  3. Don’t ask strangers! Instead, ask your family and friends for support.
  4. Always say “THANK YOU” when someone makes a donation!

Online fundraising is the easiest and fastest way to raise money and earn Difference Maker Awards!*

How to fundraise online:

  • Find and select your state to begin registration.
  • Once you register, you will get your very own Participant Center! This is where you will find great ideas to help you fundraise.
  • Create your very own web page and tell others why raising money for type 1 diabetes research is important to you! You can even add photos or a video!
  • Email family and friends through your Participant Center and ask for their support.
  • Track your progress!

More great ways to fundraise:

  • Set a goal and make a plan to reach it. (Example: for $50, ask 10 people for $5; for $100, ask 10 people for $10.)
  • Ask a parent to be the first to contribute.
  • Bring your collection envelope with you wherever you go! That way you’ll be ready to ask for support anytime!
  • Sell paper sneakers to family and friends for a donation of $1 or more.

More tips for success:

  • Mark the date of your school’s Kids Walk on your collection envelope and be sure to bring it with you to school on Walk day.
  • Return the paper sneakers to your teacher as they are sold so that they can be displayed in the hall, gym, or classroom.
  • Volunteer to help!

Thank you for being a Kid Helping Kids!

*Be sure to ask your teacher if your school is participating in the Kids Walk Difference Maker Award Program!